Our People

Meet Anton, a Data Science PhD student at CERN!

I first encountered CERN during my university studies, like most Swedish students, I did not even know that CERN offered student programmes.

Meet Marco, a Mechatronics Technician from Italy, taking part at CERN!

I suggest everyone to give yourself a chance, believe in you. You'll never know if you never try.

Meet Valentina Dzjumane, a Computer Scientist and Finance university student, from Latvia!

"Besides the opportunity to collaborate on interesting scientific, technical and engineering problems, there’s also constant opportunities for self-expression, further education and meeting very interesting and unique people."

Meet Jeana, Strategic Marketing student from Imperial College, and intern at CERN's Talent Acquisition team.

"Even though I am a student, I know that if I bring an idea to the table today, everyone would take me seriously and may even implement it."

Meet Milosz, who was an Administrative Student at CERN in 2021, and is currently finishing his master's degree in Operations Management.

CERN created an environment which brings together people from all around the world, working on an extremely wide range of projects and technologies, with the same goal of pushing the frontiers of science and technology, for the benefit of all.