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Taking part in the largest scientific experiment in the world. CERN needs more than physicists and engineers – if you’re a student, a graduate, just starting your career or an experienced professional, whatever your field of expertise, CERN could be your next opportunity.

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Today CERN employs over 2500 people - if you visit us you will find over 2500 different reasons why CERN is a great place to work!
Here are 6 key reasons we believe will make you love working here.



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It's the chance to focus on being the very best at what you do




Exciting Internships from 4 weeks to 12 months

Diversity has been an integral part of CERN’s mission since its foundation and is an established value of the Organization.
Employing a diverse workforce is central to our success.

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Let us give you some useful advice for when applying at CERN.

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Where can you fit in?

As a truly unique Organization, CERN seeks truly unique individuals to achieve its goals. With Excellence as a central value, we are looking for people who are motivated, have purpose, imagination, enjoy a challenge, show integrity, and love the quality of life on offer here. Whatever your field, your area of expertise or diploma level, CERN could be the place for you.


Take part in … providing specific engineering solutions combining mechanical design, production facilities and material sciences to the CERN community.


Take part in … the design and maintenance of electronics systems, at the heart of our activities.

Civil Engineering

Take part in … providing specific engineering solutions combining mechanical design, production facilities and material sciences to the CERN community.

Information Technologies

Take part in … providing computing services for all aspects of the laboratory’s activities.


Take part in … Managing CERN’s electrical distribution network from 400kV to 400/230V: operate, maintain, extend and renovate the network, analyse and make projections for CERN.


Take part in … basic research in the field of experimental and theoretical particle physics, finding out what the Universe is made of and how it works.

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Who are we?

We are physicists, engineers and so much more. Meet some of us..



Electronics Engineer


"On behalf of all Czechs at CERN, I wish you good luck with your application, please help us to show that not only do we have the best beer in the world, but also skilled engineers!!"



Engineer in distributed systems


"Here everybody has a common goal"



High Power Converters Technician


"So just do it! You will grow as a technician, engineer whatever you are."



Software & Support for Engineering Management


"CERN is a truly collaborative environment"

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