Our People

"Never say never. Even if you think your profession has no place here, you might be surprised": meet Jonas, Technician trainee at CERN.

CERN cares immensely about health, safety and the environment and wants to make sure that everyone returns home safe and sound after the work is done.

From Germany to South Africa to CERN: meet Sabrina, VI Trainee & project analyst on the CERN HL-LHC Project.

CERN is also place of rich diversity where I have the opportunity to collaborate with people from all corners of the world.

"I was excited about CERN for a long time": meet Ervin, technical student at CERN

CERN is still an out-of-this-world place but it is far more than that. It is also a philosophy and a spirit.

"it is a very varied job, and I like that": meet Håvard, electromechanical technician from Norway

I get to challenge myself in areas and with technology you don’t see any other place in the world.