Our People

"I was excited about CERN for a long time": meet Ervin, technical student at CERN

CERN is still an out-of-this-world place but it is far more than that. It is also a philosophy and a spirit.

"it is a very varied job, and I like that": meet Håvard, electromechanical technician from Norway

I get to challenge myself in areas and with technology you don’t see any other place in the world.

"People at CERN are great co-workers and become even better friends". Meet Gunnar, firefighter at CERN

Apply! If there is a position you like and feel fits your profile and experience, go for it and give your best.

Meet Erica, CERN fellow in the CMS Experiment

The secret to make this miracle work? Passion for what you are doing... a gigatonne of that!