Technical Engineer in Electronics
Czech Republic


"Za všechny Čechy v CERNu vám přeji hodně štěstí u přihlášky, pomozte nám ukázat, že máme nejenom nejlepší pivo, ale i schopné inženýry!!"

”On behalf of all Czechs at CERN, I wish you good luck with your application, please help us to show that not only do we have the best beer in the world, but also skilled engineers!!"

I studied Cybernetics, Measurements and Robotics in Prague and before coming to CERN I worked for Medical Technologies CZ, developing medical equipment.

Why I wanted to work at CERN? I’d heard about opportunities there from a friend, and thought I’d try my luck. I was happy in Prague, with my job and wasn’t sure about leaving the country but I went for it, thinking if I get accepted I go, if not I’m happy to stay. And I got the job! I am now working on Low Level Radio-Frequency (RF) systems for a totally new LINAC (Linear Accelerator) being built for the HIE-ISOLDE project, designing printed circuit boards and firmware. It’s very challenging work, using the newest technologies in the field. What’s great is that people are always excited, passionate about what they do which can be unusual when compared with industry. The complexity is also challenging, expectations are high: you work alongside people who are the top in their field, so this pushes you to be the best co-worker you can be.

I like living in Geneva, it’s a place where everybody is a stranger so nobody is a stranger. I haven’t really had to learn French yet as everyone around me speaks English but I would like to do it eventually.

To me, working at CERN is achieving something few people have tried, it’s a prestigious post, and I'm really glad to be here. The benefits are also a good aspect, and there is a nice working spirit here.

My message to others is don’t be afraid to try, and if you do, don’t leave your application until the last minute! smiley