Electrical Technician


"Trudno sobie wyobrazic miejsce pracy w ktorym mozesz dzielic sie pomyslami z inzynierami i naukowcami z calego swiata, miejsce ktore zapewnia ciagly rozwoj zawodowy, a widoki za oknem inspiruja. To miejsce dla ludzi z pasja. Przylacz sie!"

"It is hard to imagine a workplace where you can share ideas with engineers and scientists from around the world, a place which provides ongoing professional development and the views out the window will inspire you. This is a place for people with passion. Take part!"

I studied electrical engineering at college, with a specialization in industrial electricity which proved to be really useful as it teaches you different things, including high voltage, huge current apparatus, and maintenance of industrial equipment for example in use in the steel or power generating industry. I have spent most of my professional time in construction industry executing electrical parts of projects and this has taken me far afield in my career, travelling to places such as Ghana in west Africa, the Middle East, Iraq, London and more recently Gibraltar where I worked on electrical systems at a new airport and military hospital.

Why did I want to work for CERN? I had read about the Large Hadron Collider, I hadn’t realized it was so big. When I saw an advert for a post in my field there, I just tried. And here I am, working on the installations and buildings around the world’s largest particle accelerator. My role as an electrical technician involves a lot of project management on extensions, refurbishments of electrical installations. It requires in-depth understanding of worksites, of the other trades we work with, of safety rules and procedures, knowledge of electrical distribution systems and their design. I am constantly working alongside different people and that is what I love about this job: while half my time is spent at a computer, the other half is out in the field, working with people from all over the world. Every day we do something special here, we create prototypes so coming to work is exciting on a daily basis. What I really appreciate is how helpful and open everyone is, if you have a problem, it doesn’t take long to find someone to help you solve it.

What I found most challenging at first was the language: we work in French and English here but I picked it up so fast though my courses, contacts with the contractors and colleagues. I had never before had the time or opportunity to learn French, and this was the great bonus: I learned it as part of my job. The work is always busy and interesting. I constantly have to think ahead to ensure seamless access to power by users and have built a great network of colleagues around me to help me achieve my goals.

Living in Geneva is also great, it’s beautiful. What can I say? The children love it, the mountains, the lake, proper seasons and having lived in many places, I certainly appreciate it.

For me, working at CERN is a great pleasure. CERN’s reputation is well known, and even though the duration of my contract is limited, I am so happy to be a part of this, I will give my best for that time and be proud to be part of it.

For other technicians out there I would say the experience gained daily here is huge, so much more than you would get in a month or even a year elsewhere. For people in my trade, electricity, all types of power distribution are found here, it’s so unusual.

Working at CERN is a great opportunity, to be part of something huge, to learn, and to have work/life balance. It’s unbelievable.