Doctoral Student Programme projects

CERN typically selects around 40-50 doctoral students at each selection committee. Please note most of the projects are not published in advance. 

The table below will be updated as HR receives new projects from supervisors.

The table below shows examples of projects that may be considered for the next Doctoral student selection round.

If you would be interested in working on any of these example projects, please state this in the "Note to hiring manager" text field when completing your application.

Please note that this is not mandatory and your application will be considered even if you have not stated a specific project. CERN cannot guarantee that successful applicants will be able to work on their requested projects.

Please note the upcoming selection committee will be taking place in May 2021. 


Project Code


Project Title

Project Description

BE-1 Beams Physics

 Numerical modelling of long term evolution of colliding beams in the Large Hadron Collider


Applied Physics, Engineering, and Chemistry

Production and purification of metastable xenon for the gamma-MRI
EP-2 Applied Physics, Engineering, and Chemistry Gas systems