Computing Technical Engineer


"CERN can give you many impressions and memories lasting for a lifetime. Take part."

I studied computing engineering at Bergen in Norway and came to CERN for my first job. How I got here was a bit random really. One of my professors suggested it and for me it represented a great way to move out of Norway and get international experience. I started as a technical student working on the application to manage training courses, after which I applied for a fellowship and then a staff position. I now work on and maintain applications for the finance, purchasing, logistics and stores services at CERN, as well as for the electronics pool who rent out equipment to experiments. It involves getting well acquainted with their needs, as well as the specificities of French and Swiss rules, customs and such considerations to make it all work smoothly.

The highlight of working here is that you meet people from all over the world, literally. You have contact with cultures you wouldn’t otherwise have and you learn so much more.
When I first arrived, I had to learn French, as well as the systems, most of which were developed in-house. It was a great challenge to learn, analyse, adapt.

I really like living in this area too. The climate is so much better than Norway’s! It’s also so easy to get to know people – as they’re often here on limited duration contracts, they’re very open and eager to meet others.
My message to fellow Norwegians, or anyone else would be to come here for this unique experience, to see something new, to open up your mind and broaden your horizons.
Try it! It’s great international experience, and even a limited duration contract looks good on your CV for all that you will learn professionally and personally here.