SPS Operator
Florence, Italy


"Ragazzi, le nostre opportunità siamo noi a crearle, il CERN è una di queste, fossi in voi ci proverei quantomeno…"

"Guys, we create our own opportunities, CERN is one of them, if I were you I would try at least…"

My background is in computer science: my studies opened up a wide range of possibilities for me and my first job was developing software applications for hospitals. I had heard about CERN, I was fascinated by the environment so I thought ‘why not try?’. I applied for the technical student programme and got a place which was fantastic. This opportunity allowed me to get to know the people, the environment, what CERN does. I fell in love with the ‘big family’ that it is and convinced me it was a place I wanted to stay working. I applied for the post of Super Proton Synchrotron (part of CERN’s accelerator complex) and was thrilled to get it. Now I have two sides to my job. One is working on shift, taking care of the SPS machine, setting it up for experiments and ensuring it works. And the second is as a developer of applications for the SPS, the LHC and the CERN Control Centre.

The highlight for me is CERN’s people. Working on shift especially, feels like a family, you get to know your co-worker (we work in teams of two) so well and develop strong relationships. You’re in it together. The other aspect I like here is the freedom you have to contribute ideas and innovation. It is a very supportive environment The challenge for me is to give my best to be good enough for the job, I never stop learning, every day brings something new, new problems to solve.

As for living here in Geneva, it has two faces. One in summer which is amazing, the other in winter with its winter sports (I am a keen snowboarder), but it gets super cold which for an Italian like me is not so easy!
I am proud to work at CERN, to say that I work here. It is a great result after my studies, it’s emblematic. As a work environment where you learn constantly, where you can improve your skills technically and socially, learn languages, work alongside people from so many different cultures, learn to appreciate differences. CERN pushes you to innovate, to problem solve, to find solutions, to grow.