"it is an amazing opportunity in life without any doubt!": meet Ester, RF technician at CERN.

With time, effort, perseverance and patience, and of course the help of my work colleagues, I made it and haven't looked back.

Hi Ester, Tell us a little about yourself and what brought you to CERN? 

I found out about CERN when I was a student and I was only 20 years old, living in Valladolid, Spain.
I did not know the Organization: it was all completely new for me, and a friend told me about the Technician Training Experience (TTE) fellowship program.
I thought: this sounds really impossible and difficult for me ... but ok let’s try!

What do you do at CERN today?

I am working on different RF projects and I take care of drawings, workshop assemblies, assemblies in clean rooms, building management such as floor management and TSO /Territorial Safety Officer activities.

I have also worked preparing RF cavities in the RF area in the Superconducting magnet test facility (SM18) building, working with my colleagues on important heavy assemblies using the different equipment such as bridge crane, palette truck and nacelle or example, and of course I did all the necessary courses.

I am also doing several drawings for the members of the Superconducting RF Cavity Technology section, taking care of and following the fabrication of these parts with the CERN main workshop and sometimes outside of the Organization, etc.

What is working at CERN like for you?

I could say it's many things. First of all, it is an amazing opportunity in life without any doubt!

  • I have had the chance to work in an international Organization since 8 years now (first as a TTE fellow, now as a Staff member).
  • The chance to work with the most advanced technologies.
  • To meet people from different countries of the world, to learn several languages.
  • To learn something new each day.
  • To have new challenges, to work in team, and also to work alone.
  • To work with people from other companies.
  • To participate to meetings, seminars and sometimes, to organise them myself.

What have been the main hurdles or challenges you encountered along the way?

So many! When I first arrived from Spain, the language was a challenge. I was very young when I has arrived in Geneva, only 21 years old. my level of English and French were awful :-) Also, I started working at CERN on a 1-year contract so I moved to a shared house. Everything was new for me: the work, the country, the traditions, the things inside and outside the Organization - so much to adjust to which certainly builds your resilience and adaptability-
I had to learn it all: to communicate, to work with people from different countries, to share a house with unknown people! So many challenges in the beginning... I cannot write all of them.
I was completely alone in this adventure, without friends, family or husband, but with time, effort, perseverance and patience, and of course the help of my work colleagues, I made it and haven't looked back.

What advice would you give potential applicants?

Don’t be afraid and do it! If you miss this opportunity, you will it regret the rest of your life. 

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