Doctoral Student Programme

This is a chance to work on your thesis while spending up to 36 months at the forefront of science. Whether you’ve already chosen a subject or are still making your decision, if your specialism is Applied Physics, Engineering or Computing, this is an invitation to further your knowledge in a truly unique organization. In fact, it’s an invitation to get involved in world-famous experiments of unprecedented scale and scope. An invitation to join an environment like nowhere else on Earth.
Specific programmes are in place for nationals of Germany and Austria. Click here to find out more.

Technical Student Programme

There’s no better way to learn than on-the-job. When that job happens to be in a world-famous organisation and centre of scientific excellence, even better. If you’re an undergraduate in Applied Physics, Engineering or Computing and are looking for a practical training period or a place to complete your final project, you could spend 4 to 12 months at CERN during the course of your studies (Bachelor or Master). An extension of up to a maximum of 14 months may be given.

Administrative Student Programme

The Administrative Student Programme is aimed at undergraduate students specializing in administration, to spend a training period of 2 to 12 months during the course of their studies (Bachelor or Master). An extension of up to a maximum of 14 months may be given.

Summer Student Programme

How do you plan to spend your summer? How does getting involved in some of the world’s biggest experiments sound? This is more than summer work. It’s the chance to join CERN in Geneva – getting involved in the day-to-day work of our multicultural teams. Attend lectures, visit CERN facilities, take part in discussions and workshops with people who are leaders in their fields. In fact, it will be a summer like nowhere else on Earth.

CERN openlab Summer Student Programme

Summer work experience in a place like nowhere else on earth: the birthplace of the world wide web! If you’re studying computer science, a great way to spend your summer could be to join the CERN openlab summer student programme, to work on an advanced IT project and follow IT lectures specially prepared for you by experts at CERN and other institutes. Visits to the accelerators and experimental areas are also part of the programme, along with visits to external companies. Interested? Check it out and take part!

Short-Term Internship Programme

Imagine what it would be like to be part of, and contribute to, one of the largest projects on the planet. If you’re looking for a short term training (1 to 6 months), how cool would it be to say you’re working in CERN?

Opportunities reserved for students with disabilities

Whilst CERN Jobs are open to all eligible candidates, this programme also provides an opportunity particularly reserved for students with disabilities, in the technical or scientific field. This opportunity is offered as part of CERN’s commitment to advance inclusiveness and accessibility in the workplace. This opportunity is reserved for students with disabilities whose main field of study is in applied physics, computing, mathematics, electricity, electronics, mechanical, electrical or civil engineering. Find out more and take part! 


CERN openlab Summer Student Programme

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