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Experienced Professionals

Staff positions

We’re not just world-famous for science. To conduct experiments of this scale and importance, we need the very best talent in every part of our organization. Which means, if you’re interested in joining our Technical or Support teams or if you’re an engineer or professional in any area from mechanics to accounting, this is more than an opportunity to develop your career: it’s an opportunity to develop knowledge and science on a global scale. In fact, it’s an opportunity like nowhere else on Earth.


Scientific Associates

This programme is currently closed for applications.

In order to fulfil its role as a European centre and as a member of the world-wide community of scientific institutes, CERN offers the use of its research facilities to a certain number of established scientists to participate in its programmes covering experimental and theoretical particle physics, as well as various related activities in applied physics, electronics, computing and engineering.


Corresponding Associates

This programme is currently closed for applications.

Grants for Corresponding Associates are awarded to scientists holding research or teaching posts for a period of at most six months to help them keep abreast of developments in particle physics and related fields. During their stay at CERN, Corresponding Associates are expected to be on leave of absence and receive normal salary payments from their home institute. CERN supplements these with a subsistence allowance to cover the additional costs of living in the Geneva area.Entry-level Professionals


Entry-level Professionals

Fellowship Programmes

Please note that the generic fellowship programme is currently closed for applications and will re-open in April.  A number if fellowships are currently open in the field of computing. 

The Fellowship Programmes are addressed to graduates from universities or higher technical institutes in a wide range of applied sciences, computing and engineering with limited or no work experience. Senior Fellowships are awarded to doctorate (PhD or equivalent) graduates whereas Junior Fellowships are intended for recent BSc or MSc graduates.


Technician Training Experience (TTE Programme)

This programme is currently open for applications. All applications should reach us no later than 28.05.2020.
The next selection committee will take place in June.

The Technician Training Experience programme is aimed at technicians who are looking to get a first, great professional experience to further their career, or before they embark on advanced study programmes.


Volontaires Internationaux (VI)

This programme is currently closed for applications. The job will re-open in December 2020.

For nationals of the European Union and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.
The VI (Volontaires Internationaux) is a French international corporate placement programme for young professionals between the age of 18 and 28 who are European Union nationals. This year the VI Programme awards approximately 25 positions.


Spanish Trainee Programme (FTEC)

This programme is currently closed for applications.

For nationals of Spain.
The FTEC (Formacion en las TEcnologias del CERN) Trainee Programme has been established through a bilateral agreement between CERN and CIEMAT (Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas) in Spain.


Portuguese Trainee Programme

This programme is currently closed for applications.

For nationals of Portugal.
The Trainee Programme has been established through bilateral agreements between CERN and several Member States. The program allows the national agencies to use CERN's forefront technological facilities for the training of their postgraduates. To date, a bilateral agreement has been established with the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) in Portugal.