Do I have to speak English and/or French to come to CERN?

CERN is a bi-lingual Organization, with French and English as official languages. It is important to at least have some knowledge of one of these two languages when you apply: the specific language requirements will be provided in the vacancy notice you apply for. One thing is for sure: if you don't know one of the two languages, coming to work at CERN will give you a great opportunity to learn it! 

Will my application data be shared outside CERN?

Only in some cases.

For the Technical, Administrative and Doctoral Student Programmes, candidate applications from Germany, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Pakistan and India are shared with the national delegations for those countries to assess and evaluate your application for Student Programmes prior to review by CERN.

​Applications from candidates for the Senior Research fellow positions are sent to respective Member State or Associate Member State delegations for evaluation prior to consideration by the Selection Panel for the Research Fellowship Programme.

Marie Curie fellowship applications are shared with the respective and relevant EU-funded Marie Curie project partners where applicable to assess and evaluate your application for the Marie Curie Project in question.

Applications from candidates for the Summer Student Programmes (Member State, Non-Member State and Openlab Programmes) are shared with respective member states and associated member states delegations and relevant openlab partners to assess and evaluate your application for the summer student programmes.

FTEC Trainee Programme applications are shared with the Spanish FTEC delegation to assess and evaluate your application for the Formacion en las Tecnologias del CERN (FTEC) funded Spanish-CERN Trainee Programme.

VIA Trainee rogramme applicants see their application data shared with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assess and evaluate your application for the Volontaires Internationaux en Administration (VIA) funded CERN Trainee Programme.

For further information about CERN's data protection policy and the CERN Talent Acquisition privacy notice, see https://jobs.web.cern.ch/privacy




Does the outcome of previous applications have an impact on future applications?

No, the outcome of previous applications has no impact on future applications. We encourage everyone to apply if they believe that their profile matches the programme/position.

My application was not selected, how can I have a personal feedback?

Please note that due to the high number of applicants, we are unable to give personal feedback.

I want my application to be reconsidered, how can I proceed?

Please note that we do not reconsider applications. However, if you have not been selected due to an error in your application form, please re-apply and provide the correct information.

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