Preparing for interview

You have been invited for interview at CERN, well done! Make sure you prepare well in order to get the most out of it, and give your best!

  • Arrive early and fresh after a good night's sleep, to ensure you can go through registration and security without hassle.
  • Make sure you have read and understood the vacancy notice for the post you have applied for, and research around it. The CERN website is full of interesting information. It is worth taking a little time before the interview day to ensure you know what CERN does and what CERN will expect from you in the role you have been invited to interview for.
  • Re-read your CV and ensure there are no gaps which are unaccounted for. You will therefore be fluid in describing your career, education and whatever else you have described in your CV.
  • If you have been asked to prepare a presentation, make sure you follow the recommendations. If you are asked to speak for maximum 10 minutes, rehearse it well to ensure you don't run over time on the day. Don't overload your slides, and don't read them. Board members would rather see a dynamic, spontaneous presentation about you, than a monotonous read-through.
  • There is no formal 'suit and tie' or formal dress code at CERN but being presentable is key as it shows respect.
  • Finally, relax as much as you can. The board is not there to 'grill' you, but to exchange information with you and find out the maximum they can about you in a short timespan. So be clear and concise in your answers. Illustrating what you say with concrete examples is always a good idea.

Good luck!