Our mission

Established by a convention in 1954, the mission of CERN has four strands:

Seeking and finding answers to questions about the universe

Advancing the frontiers of technology

Bringing nations together through science

Training the scientists of tomorrow


The Convention also states that CERN shall organize and sponsor international co-operation in research, promoting contacts between scientists and interchange with other laboratories and institutes. This includes dissemination of information, and the provision of advanced training for research workers, which continue to be reflected in the current programmes for technology transfer, education and training at many levels.


"CERN is an employer, a state, a physics lab and a university campus. And that means everything we do here is unique."

Françoise, Software engineer

"Working at CERN is not only an exploratory journey at the forefront of particle physics but it is also an amazing human adventure where diversity, collaboration and respect are part of the game."

Frédéric, Civil engineer