Hints on how to apply

Consider the application process as a first step towards the possibility of being offered a position at CERN. Treat it seriously.

Allocate time

An application takes time, so only start your form once you have allocated a reasonable time-slot. Don’t worry if you don’t complete the form in one go – you can save it and come back to it later. However don’t rush your form – a rushed application form  is unlikely to succeed.

Check it

Our system doesn’t have a built-in spell checker. Ideally have somebody else re-read your form, or at least copy/paste the text into a word processor with a spell-checker. Your application form is a reflection on your work ethic – so an application form which contains basic spelling mistakes or other doesn’t bode well.


Think about your motivation for applying. Don’t leave this blank, but don’t just copy/paste some generic text about working at CERN. Think about why you are interested in the specific position for which you are applying.

Be Honest

Only detail skills that you actually have. Don’t  list skills you think you may acquire in the future – you can always come back to your application form later and update it once you have demonstrated the skill.

CERN makes use of a diploma verification process so your diplomas will be verified by a third party.


You are not ‘shopping’ at an on-line shop, so the web-interface is not going to be as glamorous and intuitive as other sites you are used to. It is not intended to be this way. Consider your ability to complete our online application process with an excellent result as a first assessment of your technical & communication skills & abilities!

You are potentially only one step away from being invited for an interview.