"CERN's history is full of stories like mine". Meet Rocio, recruiter in the Talent Acquisition team.

Quality of working life @ CERN

I am an organizational psychologist specialized in recruitment with a master’s degree in Human Resources. Born and raised in the south of Spain, I started enjoying international environments during my studies (I had the chance to complete my degree between Spain, Czech Republic and France). This led me to work for some multinational companies before joining CERN two years ago. Since then, I am part of a dynamic and diverse Talent Acquisition team where we share a very exciting common goal: to make whatever is possible to find the best-fit talent for CERN.

I am happy to say that CERN has given me the opportunity to grow, not only professionally but also as a person. At work, we consider that passion is a valuable skill because it can drive learning the skills needed to reach our goals and makes us genuinely committed to achieving them. CERN knows that very well and allows its employees to have lives outside of their careers. By placing an emphasis on passions instead of punching the clock, CERN enables its teams to work at a healthy pace, supporting an enjoyable work-life balance and embracing the unlimited possibilities that this region can offer. Wakeboarding on the lake with the sunrise before heading to the office, trying a Via Ferrata a 30 minutes away of CERN site, bungee-jumping in the middle of Swiss canyons or enjoying a snowshoes outing with the colleagues afterwork are only some of the examples of all that the region has to offer for thrill seekers!


A clear value of our team is “It has to be fun” and this shows how fun has been for me so far along the way.

CERN has a working environment where you feel that you really contribute and are valuable, where your opinions matter and everyone’s door is always open. After two years recruiting for CERN I feel lucky to say that every single day I feel inspired to be creative and it’s exciting when your management is keen and flexible to implement new ways of working. It feels “contagious” working with such devoted colleagues who take such pride what they do.


The CERN history is full of stories like mine. Take part and find out more.



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