Translating messages through images: the power of video

Video [mass noun] The recording, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving visual images. (The Oxford dictionary)

To me, video symbolises a wonderful means by which we bring experiences, situations, memories to life, encapsulating them, making them last. Video today is part of our daily life, whether through a quick capture of an enjoyable moment at work, in leisure pursuits, or through a well-planned, crafted production to translate a message and engage with people, providing information beyond words. If YouTube statistics are anything to go by, we’re all videoing, with 300 hours’ worth of video uploaded every minute on the channel and over 5 billion videos watched every single day!

At CERN, video is a way for us to describe how great it is to work for this unique Organization. Challenge, Purpose, Imagination, Collaboration, Integrity and Quality of life are the factors people have collectively identified as key to describing what it’s like to work here. When you apply for a position, it is usually based on you finding a match between your profile and a vacancy notice whose requirements are up your street and push you to apply. And from then you start researching the workplace, looking up the area and any data to inform yourself as best you can on what it would be really like to work there. This is where we come in: our CERNJobs Youtube channel is packed with diverse, interesting and informative videos to give you an insight on life in the Organization and in the Geneva area. You can discover the variety of the jobs at CERN (it’s much, much more than physics, in fact only 3% of our hires are physicists! Engineers, technicians, support staff are key profiles we look for), a showcase of our student, engineering or Technician Training Experience opportunities but also videos we developed to translate our dreams, our diversity or why you should take part. Each and every one of these videos has been filmed in-house, with our very own people, our best ambassadors, in collaboration with CERN’s audiovisual team who also produce amazing footage and videos telling stories of all that CERN stands for.

We hope these various insights into the “moving visual images” of CERN and its opportunities will give you an insight of life in this unique environment, a place like nowhere else on earth. Take part!