Summer at CERN

 I love long Summer days. The early morning quiet, sunrise and the freshness of the air before the heat of the day takes hold; long balmy evenings and all associated promises, picnics, barbecues, walks - it makes you feel like you can live two lives in a single day!

At CERN, Summer months are special for many reasons. People enthusiastically discuss their forthcoming holiday plans, taking off with a spring in their step looking forward to recharge after months of hard work. It may seem as though CERN’s population is decreasing, but that is a false impression. Summer at CERN is characterised by an influx of fresh, young energy with the arrival of the Summer Students, 280 of them this year from no less than 80 countries! They all come to work on a project and to follow a 6 week-lecture programme, attend workshops, visits and other trainings, and take part in the Webfest. It’s also a great chance for them to network and to make valuable friendships with fellow students from around the world and with CERN’s population at large.

Over lunchtimes, the main restaurant terrace is a hive of activity, with people eating ice cream and playing ping pong, or enjoying unusual fare such as Higgs Pizzas on 4th July. Some choose to go offsite, to swim in one of the nearby pools, walk in the vineyards, go for picnics or enjoy other nice local terrace lunches. There is much to do in and around CERN, so much to visit and experience. Weekends see people flock to the Alps or the local Jura for mountain biking, trekking or simply sunbathing, or to the lake to sail, swim, dive, stand-up paddle. Music festivals take centre stage, with the Montreux Jazz and Paleo as Summer highlights, and CERN also has its very own Hardronic festival where CERN Music Club bands showcase their talent. The CERN Host State national days are also great occasions to experience local tradition and festivities, in France with Bastille Day on 14th July and Swiss National Day on 1st August.

Meanwhile, work continues in the Lab, in all its sectors. New Staff, users, students and fellows join on the 1st of each month to start a new chapter in their professional life and to experience these wonderful aspects of life at CERN, at work and outside. The Talent Acquisition team and HR services are there to welcome them all and help them settle in, while numerous opportunities are continuously posted online to attract new people from across our Member States to take part.

Could you be one of them?

Have a happy Summer!