Meet Emelie, COFUND Senior Fellow at CERN. "If you are curious, motivated and ready for an adventure: take the chance and apply. See you at CERN!"

In this month's blog post, we invite you to meet Emelie, a CERN COFUND Senior Fellow from Sweden who tells us more about her experience in this unique Organization.
The Fellowship programme is now open for applications, closing 4th September 2017. For full details on this programme see

Emelie, tell us about yourself and your first encounter with CERN
I have been crazy about physics for as long as I can remember and dreamt of working with astrophysics. 
During my physics studies in Sweden I changed focus when I discovered particle and accelerator physics and got intrigued by the mixture of physics and technology. 
While I was a Master student I did a ski season in Chamonix in the French Alps. A friend of mine’s father who was working at CERN with superconducting magnets took us on a tour around CERN.
Little did I know that one day I would be working at CERN with superconducting accelerator magnets myself! 
We went underground to see the CMS experiment, visited the magnet test facilities and many other impressive things. 
I was blown away by the place and decided that I have to come back. The next summer I participated in CERN’s summer student programme, working on beam collimation, 
a most fun and memorable experience. 
Years later, after finishing my PhD in plasma physics, I am now back at CERN as a postdoctoral fellow working on superconducting accelerator magnets. 

My personal experiences, challenges and highlights at CERN
CERN is a unique place where people from many nationalities and cultures join forces to move science forward and push boundaries. 
I work in a team where we develop superconducting accelerator magnets for the Large Hadron Collider Luminosity upgrade. 
Before coming to CERN I did not have much experience in superconducting technology, which I think proves what an open-minded organisation CERN is. 
Being around passionate scientists and engineers makes it such a great experience. Even though I am not a student anymore, I am learning more than ever. 
For me the most fascinating part of the job is to follow the magnets through their entire life-cycle: from designing them to building and testing them. It is extremely rewarding!

As a CERN-fellow you have outstanding social benefits and you get all the help you need to relocate and settle down in the Geneva region. There are several child minding options in the area: a condition for me as I have a one-year-old. Things are extremely well set up for you to have a great experience here and a good work-life balance. CERN is a social place with really good vibes, enabling you to make the most of the lovely environment we are in. There are clubs for every type of sport or interests you can imagine. This summer I am learning to sail!

My messages to other students
Coming to CERN for a fellowship is a chance to be a part of something huge and make your mark. I recommend applying for a fellowship position even if it is not totally clear to you in which project your skills may be of value. Present yourself and your research interests and you might get an offer from a project you did not even know existed. You do not have to be ‘Einstein’ to work here. You do not even have to be a physicist. There is in fact more engineers than physicists at CERN. If you are curious, motivated and ready for an adventure: take the chance and apply. See you at CERN!