Hello world, this is CERN !

Have you ever worked for such an inspiring employer that you wanted to tell the world how much you love your work?

While I was trying to get a picture of CERN’s online reputation, I decided to make a simple test, and keyed in the name of my employer in a famous search engine. More than 20 million results were found. For an organisation with only 2500 staff members directly employed, that‘s an average of 8000 pages per employee… Not bad!

Since the publication of the very first page of the www project, an incredible number of internet users posted content referring to CERN. What could the world be saying about us? Probably a lot of things: good and bad, serious and funny, useful and useless for readers. All these contributions are building a picture, which recruiters would call “employer brand”, and which contributes to attract or push back applicants.

In this very first post, I wanted to contribute to that picture and to tell the world what an amazing working culture there is here at CERN, by sharing some of the best bits I’ve found online. Hopefully this will give a bit more insight to those of you who are in the situation “OMG I have an interview at CERN, let’s check on Glassdoor what the interview questions are”.

While you can find high quality professional blogs on different topics (such as Physics and IT), referring to our experiments (such as ATLAS), in different languages (such as Hungarian, Italian, Spanish or French), what I found the most interesting sites were the ones giving us feedback from our people and visitors.

CERN’s site is often compared to an international campus or a small city, opened 24/7, where staff members and visitors (students on a school trip, partners, or anonymous) enjoy access to onsite facilities (exhibitions, bank, post office, restaurants, hotels, clubs,…). Some of them have widely spread the idea that CERN provides a pretty unique and fascinating environment. Indeed, if we are well known for our contributions to science, we also have somehow inspired artists in different fields, especially photography (see Flickr and Instagram) and music (Rock, Rap and Rap, A cappella, Classical, Experimental techno, Banjo, and even Contemporary jazz-tinged instrumental melodic mood music…).

Still not getting an exhaustive picture of us? Well, then I would invite the sceptics among you to meet me in the LHC tunnel for additional information. Don’t get lost, avoid rooms with lonely chairs, and beware of what could happen to you as it is said that zombies could be down there.