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Please read through the information in the sections "What CERN is looking for", "Application Process" and "Hints on how to apply". This will give you a good understanding of the type of candidate we are looking for and the process you will go through when you apply.

At CERN we work hard to provide a personalized recruiting experience for each and every one of our candidates. The scored information, together with your background and experience information in your resume/CV, will help determine how we will direct your application. It is important for you to give it your best effort.

We recognize, too, that you may need some help along the way. If you need help with your application form please consult the FAQs on Application Process or Contact us.

In terms of timescales, for professional opportunities: jobs are typically published for a period of 4 weeks. As soon as you have applied you will receive an 'acknowledgement of receipt' email. Once the closing date is reached, you can expect to hear back on your application to the post in question within 4 weeks, as to whether or not you have been successful in reaching the next stage, the video interview. The video interview stage last approximately two weeks, after which you will be informed as to whether you have recahed the ultimate interview stage. The whole process, from start of publication to candidate selection and appoitment, usually takes around 3 to 5 months.

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