About CERN Jobs Insight

You would probably agree that finding a job is not something easy, especially when there is a lot of competition as it is the case with most international organisations. But something applicants may not be always aware of, is that finding the best candidate is a difficult task as well, especially when the recruiter receives hundreds of applications for a single job, as it is often the case at CERN.

One of the reasons why finding a job or selecting the best talents can be challenging, is because of misunderstandings between candidates and recruiters. Communication is a two way process, and as recruiters we strongly believe there is a shared responsibility in effectively sharing information: you have to be clear on your skills, experience and motivation, and on our side, we have to be clear on job descriptions, requirements, selection process and much more.

Most employers have a career website well-structured enough to provide information which candidates can rely on to build their application. Since Recruitment 2.0, employers are also widely involved in social media, providing another source to inspire applicants. In addition to these official communication channels, candidates can finally have access to other points of views, via professional networks, forums, or specialised websites.

But even if a significant amount of information is already provided, is there something else employers can do to reduce misunderstandings? Can we better help those of you who are highly motivated, with regular updates on what’s happening on our side?

The Recruitment Unit at CERN thought something was indeed missing, something about insight, some information on what’s happening “behind the scenes”. That’s why we have decided to build this blog, sharing information you wouldn’t find usually on any career site, in order to help you to better understand how we work, and ultimately to give you more chance to Take Part!