Useful information upon arrival

The following links will give you some useful information upon your arrival at CERN:

• How to get to CERN: Site locations, how to reach CERN by plane, train or car.

• Removal, importation and car formalities: Link to the CERN Installation Service in charge of Green plates,removals and importantion of personal effects and vehicles into France and Switzerland and purchase of tax-free vehicles in Switzerland.

• Cost of living in France and Switzerland​: Document giving basic information to enable the evaluation of the cost of living in Geneva and in the Pays de Gex.

• Public transports in France and Geneva: Information about buses and trams in France and Geneva.

  • TPG (Public transport in Geneva): Buses & Trams in Geneva and Pays de Gex 
  • SBB (Swiss Federal Railways): Trains in Switzerland 
  • SNCF (National society of French railways): Trains in France

• Map of Geneva

CERN specific information: 

• CERN directory: Page giving information related to the different Departments and Experiments, applications, maps, news and events or live at CERN. 

Further Information 

For more information please check the Frequently asked questions or contact Ingrid Haug